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Still Waters by Joel Compton

My tribute to "Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy" and a good way to fill a small bump of time going into hard breaks on the air..... 

Expensive Weights
In The Garden
Night Peeing
The Bodies

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Two members of the crew of the Mel Gibson tribute, Passion For Christ, have been struck by lightning.  We are thinking that maybe Son Of God would prefer his part be played by Johnny Depp?  

J.B.I. Winner: Justin w/ "wont tell Sean what school he goes to"

Trip - Host / Talking (Bald) Head

Born a fat bald man in 1913, Trip was one of the first test subjects for cryogenic freezing. After being thawed out in the early 80s, Trip insisted to be refrozen until all hair bands were removed from the air waves. The scientists refused and trip started his career in radio as a protest for the hair impaired. Working from inside the industry, Trip successfully killed the hair band fad in less than 6 years